Law students pursuing the five-year LL.B course as well as the three years course , Academicians, students pursuing LL.M. or Ph.D., and Educators .


Any topic related to law


1.The manuscript shall be original work and unpublished.

2.The manuscript should be in MS Word format.

3.The body of the manuscript shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, size 10 single line spacing.

4. A uniform style of the citation must be strictly adhered to while submitting the paper.

5. Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of three authors.

6. Copyright over the published shall vest with JLSR.

7. Full names of all the author(s) must be given.

Word Limit

The JLSR invites original, unpublished content from all academicians, authors, legal professionals and from students across the globe under the following categories-

  • Short Articles: (1000-2500 words, including footnotes)
  • Long Articles: (2500-4000 words, including footnotes)
  • Book Reviews: (1500-3500 words, including footnotes)
  • Case Comments: (1200-3000 words, including footnotes)
  • Research Papers: (2500-8,000 words, including footnotes)

Note : Abstract should be upto 300 words only.

Plagiarism Policy

All the submission submitted for the publication to JLSR must be plagiarism free. We may use any software to find out the plagiarism. But it is the duty of the contributors to assure the originality before the submission. [Note : JLSR shall not be liable for any plagiarism or copyright issue.]

Submission Procedure

All submissions must be emailed to editor.jlsr@gmail.com with the subject as ‘Paper submission’ along with declaration to the effect that the Paper is an original work of an author and previously and unpublished work of the author.

Please Note: Once the Manuscript processing charge is paid, we immediately start working on the Manuscript and therefore, no refund will be issued after the Payment of Charges. You can withdraw the paper only before its publication (without any refund issued), however no withdrawal will be permitted after publication of a manuscript.