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Author : Pragati Singh, Assistant Professor at Innovative Institute of  Law.


Criminal Psychology is the study of wills, thoughts, intentions, and reactions of criminals, all that partakes in the criminal behaviour. Criminal Psychology is a very vast field and it studies everything that is vested in criminal behaviour.

The use of the word “criminal” makes this psychology so vast. We live in such a society where certain words have their own prefixed meaning like the word “criminal”, it leaves such a negative impact on our mind that is very odd but in reality this has many more to add. Who would kill thousands of men and feel happy? Who would rape a girl and brag about as if he has gained a victory? The answers to the answers are “ A CRIMINAL”. But have we ever thought of decoding these factors. There was a time when these criminals were also normal beings before their conversion into criminal minds.

We don’t even have a satisfactory answer answer to the question that whether psychopathy is a product of mother nature or a feature of upbringing. The various studies and experiments, results of the readings of the minds of psychopaths shows that not all psychopaths are criminals. The minds and intentions of criminals are very well dealt in criminal psychology as it not only seeks to understand what makes a person commit a crime but also find human reactions after the crime.

Keywords : Criminal psychology, Rehabilitation, Psychopaths, Human nature.


The biological, psychological, geographical and economic factors play a very important role in determining the behaviour of a person. No one can live in isolation, people by severa lnorms, social conducts which expands into a bigger society scenario. Focussing India, it can be commented that the present situation of crimes here is very alarming wherein the chart shows a rise today when compared with the rise since years.


Tensions and conflicts within the individuals get symbolically expressed in the form of crime with a direct relationship with the interaction of both sociological and psychcological factors.

*Psychodynamic Theory- This theory proposed structures of human personality.

*Behaviour Theory- Under this issue, aggression is learnt through life experiences, family members, mass media.

*Cognitive Theory- This is an issue which focuses in mental processes. This says about how people organize their thoughts about rules results in criminals or non- criminal behaviour.


These values are restricted to human beings and not all sentiment creatures. Virtue is something which is cultivated within. It depends  on  the  context and the situation.

India has an old heritage of welfare oriented economy based on moral values. Our Indian society and its societal structure have always combined virtue with governance and all wealth generating practices.The Delhi gang rape [1]case is a very suitable example of lack of moral values on the part of the accused.

In these modern times/days, a criminal is someone who has both violated the criminal code in their jurisdiction, and been duly convicted. Technically, the criminal definition is- relating to, involving, or being a crime. He is someone who breaks the law.

Coming to Psychology, it is the scientific study of the mind and way that people behave.It is the science of behaviour and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought.


People in their youth are either exposed to some or the other form of aggression or have observed closely some or the other form of aggression or in their immediate environment these acts have either positively or negatively been in such attention. These people are involved in some or the other kind of violence because of their earlier experiences with violence.


Personality is a certain characteristic of a person that accounts for consistent patterns of feelings, thinking and behaving. This trait that is personality is deciding the behaviour of the people and it is the only factor which is responsible for any anti-social behaviour or low self esteem which leads to these crime and impulsitarity.

The social and environment factors contribute to the same such as family influence. Criminal parents might be a greater possibility for their children to inculcate these habits too.


The importance of criminal law in relation to crime need hardly be emphasised. Criminal Law must have four important elements in order to be effective:




4.Penal Sanction [4]                                               


This pertaining project being a part of my syllabus would help a lot in the future serving as a part of knowledge. I would like to thank Ria Ma’am for her benign guidance overall.

It is often applied for the assessment and the treatment of mental health problems and is also directed towards understanding and solving problems in several spheres of human activity.

Psychology ultimately aims to benefit the society.

Most of the psychologists are involved in some kind of therapeutic role, practising in clinical, counselling or school settings. Research on a wide range of topics has been related just for the mental processes and behaviour and typically.


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