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Author: Riya Luhadia


This article will discuss about the issues of Domestic Violence during the pandemic. Torture to the women by domestic violence has increased due to the pandemic as many of them get frustrated and treated her/his partner in an ill-mannered way causing violence to the spouse. Reason can be many but main point is due to the idleness of either of the spouse or job loss, unemployment etc can be the reason behind the increase of domestic violence. Not only because of the pandemic the violence has increased many other reasons are also there which are the cause of domestic violence like one can be jealous of the other or there are cases where both the spouse is of the nature of taking revenge so there can be many possible reasons. To every problem in the world there is a solution and in same way there are solutions available to both the spouse related to this problem. In many cases related to domestic violence there is a pressure on either of the spouse because of dowry, property, maintenance etc which creates differences in the husband wife relationship leading to more problems and make the situation complicated as one plays the dominant role in the relationship which also creates the differences and problems so to avoid all these problems everyone should aware of their rights and laws prevailing in the country so as to fight for their survival. What are the problems faced by the women and how are they handling all these and etc, all problems and solutions related to this topic are to be discussed and focused in this article.

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