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Author: Hitesh Malik, Student at Amity Law School, Noida


The invention of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how humans interact with each other on a daily basis. AI has long been theorized to be the next step in human evolution, which some argue is the result of our brains evolving due to technology. The paper looks at how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for dispute resolution and what are some of its limitations. It also discusses and elaborates on some possible solutions and limitations related to this proposition. As disputes are handled more efficiently, less need for arbitration proceedings will arise, allowing the judiciary branch to focus more on important cases rather than on small problems that can be addressed by sourcing for an arbitrator online. In the future, AI will be able to solve most problems through machine learning and can provide a cheaper alternative to arbitration. Additionally, AI will also support the legal industry in India by optimizing their research for case information. This paper will demonstrate how AI has shifted dispute resolution in India.

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