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Author: Niloy Ghosh, 3rd Year Law Student at School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru


Marriage is one of the most important social institutions in Indian society and it has been integrally linked to religion and religious values. Further, the institution of family is also organised around religion which makes the three institutions of family marriage and religion inseparably connected. Hence arranged marriages were considered to be socially acceptable and a prevalent norm in our society since ancient times. However, with modernization and other factors, inter-religious marriages started happening through the form of love marriage. India has in place certain legislations which allow for such inter-religious marriages. The most important of them is the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Also, the constitution provides that a person has the freedom and right to marry whoever they want but there are certain issues that plague such marriages. Through this research paper, we shall be discussing what inter-religious marriage is and its view by other religions; The fallacies of the Special Marriage Act. We shall also be discussing the socio-legal issues which deter the people from having inter-religious marriage and suggest reforms and amendments for the same.

Keywords: Marriage, Religion, Inter- Faith, Special Marriage Act 1954, India.

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