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Author: Pankaj Bhatt, Student at University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun

Experts say that if children can’t read by the end of fifth grade, they lose self-confidence and self-esteem, making them more likely to enter the juvenile justice system.

—- Dirk Kempthorne—-

Best Brains of the nation may be found in the last benches of classroom.

—A.P. J Abdul Kalam—


As, said by older people that children are future of nation and they are recognised them as supremely assets of the nation but because of indifferences in our society it leads to child delinquency. Child or Juvenile delinquency is a serious nowadays increasing day by day not in India but all over the world. According to the population of India, the youth in age group of 15-19 is approx. 100,215,890 people or 9.7% of entire population.

India being part of several international treaties and conventions, mentioning child right before or after the birth as Fundamental right in Indian Constitution, National policy for child development (child’s nurture). Almost all countries have developed juvenile justice system to deal with young offenders in society. In India, question of providing proper protection and care to children of such big number is big challenge.  A good count of children in name of socio-economic reasons adding themselves in list of child delinquency. Nowadays, children are facing enormous social pressure as result of changing social perceptions.

A report of UNICEF mentioned that millions of Indian children are deprived their right of survival, health, nutrition, education and safe drinking water.

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