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Author: Niranjana. N, Student at Sastra University, Thanjavur


Lemon law is the rules and regulations which are passed in consumer law, with regard to the automobile industry. With growing lemons in the automobile industry, India does not have specific rules and regulations to tackle the rising situation. When a vehicle is found defective, even after a reasonable number of repairs it is termed as a lemon. The buyer through arbitration or rules laid down by lemon law is entitled to refund or replacement. Though Indian consumer act and motor vehicle act deals with product liability, there is a lack of proper and speedy execution. Here the article discusses what is lemon, the lemon laws in various countries, why India does not have any specific lemon rules and suggestions as to how it can be implemented.

Keywords: Lemon, Lemon Laws, Substantial Defect, Product Liability, Reasonable Attempts.

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