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Author: Vaidehi Laaal, Student at SVKM’S Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai


This paper provides for the increasing levels of child abuse all over the world specifically in India. Child abuse is simply defined as the practice of torturing a child in various ways like physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect. Although numerous actions with respect to children have been taken with time, their condition remains unchanged. Numerous fundamental rights, laws and policies are provided in order to regulate the rising of child abuse. In the span of the past years, there have been helpful groups and others worried with children’s wellbeing who have encouraged the protection of children. This subject had not received extensive consideration by the general public or the medical professionals until the publication of the influential work in 1962. Child abuse has been recorded in many parts of the world in the form of Literature, art and science. Many forms violence like infanticide, mutilation, abandonment, etc have been reported from the ancient times. Many more laws and reforms should be made and they should perform strict actions against the abusers. In my opinion, education and social awareness should be increased all over India to reduce the numbers of such cases. India has been taking an initiative to reform the situation and make this country a better place for children of this country. NGOs, changes in the judiciary system to give children a better environment to live in. The children of our country are the binding pillar and they need to have a safe environment to grow in so they can outshine in life. India has been sure that the judiciary system of this country builds a strong and trustful environment for the children of our country by sharpening the legislature. It is obligatory for our country to defend and augment the childhood of the children of our nation.

Keywords: Child abuse, legislature, reforms, policies and child development.

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