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Author: Shoumik Chowdary, Student at Bennett University, Greater Noida


The natural law which stretches back to the Greek age, is considered the foundation of natural justice. Nature is the one who gives a definite order from which people might develop by reason a standard for their behaviour. The standard laid down in these principles is that each person should be free of biar in decisions and should have the right to a fair hearing. The significance of these components can be influenced by the fact that all other laws have been replaced over time. There is no new concept, philosophy, and implementation of Natural Justice Principles in the justice system. It seems that it is as old as the dispensation system itself. The Commission is now becoming a key part of the decision-making system for issues that concern human rights and freedoms. While it is not a procedural requirement, it does provide a substantial safeguard against any ordinance or action which affects the substantive rights of a person. Natural justice relates simply to the right and wrong, or the just and unjust. The principles of natural justice are also known as the justice of common sense, and when the common reason is applied in legislation, this does not relate to the opinion of all society members but to the pervasive one judgment.

The aim of the researcher in the research paper is to analyse the concept and applicability of principles of natural justice in different circumstance of judicial decisions and to lay out the different exceptions of natural justice in India. researcher also has included the principles of natural justice which are embedded in the constitution of India. In the exercise of statutory authority, the application of the Principles for Natural Justice in any specific circumstance is excluded based on the language and fundamental subject matter of the supply conferred on the facility by its character the objective stated and thus the impact of that power. The purpose of this paper is to show the requirement of principles of natural justice in legal proceedings and the consequences of the adjudicators breaking the principles of natural justice.

Keywords: Natural Justice, Principle, Court, Constitution.

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