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Author : Anooj Bargat, Student of B.A. LLB (Hons.), Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur


The Art of Convincing the word itself “convincing” means everything that has to be convinced to the next person to get in our choice. There are many ways to convince, that we would be learning progressively. It’s a matter of fact that when we have to make someone agree our patience, style of explaining them to clear their all doubts about what you want to say and what would be the process of that particular thing. Making sure that on what terms they get convinced. We have to favor many things to satisfy their brain so it can be smooth for us to make sure that what we are going to say is convinced properly to the next party, as there should be no misconception in their mind. Sometimes people don’t know that how that what is the purpose of convincing due to this many goes in failure path. Lack of inconvenience would led down the other party unsatisfied and due to which a bad impression would fall for that specific person who is introducing there topic to be hopefully get convinced by the other party. The Art of Convincing is a very vast topic so that how to deal with anyone (colleagues, business, customer, parents, Judge, parties, advocate, etc) to make them satisfy that what you are up to and what you want from them exactly in accurate manner so it can make them convinced.  So this research paper would tell you that how to convince people on your terms to make on your side and seeking their whole attention towards you. Mainly we would be discussing on how to get started when start our conversation to convinced the other party to make them trust on you. This paper would grow your knowledge on your convincing skills and will make you easy to convince people. This paper is also an attempt to make everyone aware because on daily basis we have to convince to one or the other person to make them believe that what we want to say and what we want from your side. This paper will develop your Art in Convincing.


The term “convinced” is the most satisfying word when we get to hear from someone whom we are convincing that what we want to say, what is our motive and why we are convincing that person to make them sure that we are here up to, making people aware that what is our motive and what he/she wants from people so that people can understand what the person is talking about. If he/she lacks in convincing skills it would affect his/her image that he/she is not clear with the idea and plan or anything because not every person knows the proper tactics to convince anyone and go with their rhythm. In India, sectors like Law and Business are the most important, the deal/ judgment is only given when the person whom you are convincing is satisfied by the way you present the case/deal before him, only the thing matter is a detailed and very quick response to the person who is doubtful towards your subject of what you want to convince them.

“Persuasion is a core skill for survival and success in the modern world, as it was in the ancient world, for that matter.”[1] Taking it to consideration the most important thing quoted is conversation, all your work depends on how the way you make other person comfortable in your zone so that the investment they are making on you would be really affordable for them. In law, the judge give the judgment when is fully satisfied with that advocate who is making clear about the case facts or about something that he wants to explain the court. In court advocate have to prove their points of arguments for their clients to take them in safer side and no punishment should be granted on his clients, in this case advocate have to convince the judge to make him aware that his client has not done any criminal activity even if he has done he have to prove that he is innocent. In law field the Art of Convincing plays an very important role because after reading or drafting the main thing we have to do in court is to convince the judge on what you are up to, to express our knowledge on that motive or subject to tell them that what is right and why we have to follow, on that terms when judge is satisfied your words he would be in your favour to give judgment on your strong opinions.


The main objective is to:

  • The art of persuasion.
  • What is the importance of persuasion?
  • How to make a process persuasion?

To comprehend the craft of influence, you should initially comprehend the more extensive meaning of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is both a procedure and item that:

  1. Communicates compelling feeling
  2. Is mentally testing
  3. Is perplexing and cognizant
  4. Passes on complex messages
  5. Shows an individual perspective
  6. Is unique
  7. Produces an article or execution that requires a serious extent of aptitude

In spite of the fact that it is clear how all the highlights above apply to such artistic expressions as painting and performing music, not all apply to the specialty of influence. Influence isn’t an artistic expression in a similar sense as painting or music, but instead includes the finely tuned inventive abilities or specialty of language and correspondence. Nonetheless, influence incorporates a portion of the characteristics of more conventional fine arts. It’s mentally testing, perplexing, expressive, and totally real to your character.[2]


You may ask why you should try to figure out how to convince others. You may even consider such a “craftsmanship”[3] to be underhanded or manipulative. Be that as it may, in all actuality each fruitful individual has, one after another or another, been in a position where they needed to convince somebody of something. For example, the vast majority need to convince a business to employ them before they can even start to work and procure cash. Influence goes through numerous human undertakings. Sales reps convince individuals to purchase items or administrations. Government officials convince individuals to help and decision in favor of them. Extortionists convince individuals to succumb to tricks and go through cash they don’t have. You may convince your instructor to let you take a cosmetics test, convince your better half or sweetheart to wed you, or convince somebody to help with your volunteer program. Truth be told, it’s truly elusive individuals completing anything at all without some type of influence. So whether you ought to learn better influence methods truly isn’t an inquiry. The inquiry is the reason you haven’t done so as of now.


Anybody can rehearse the craft of influence. In any case, it takes commitment to figure out how to do it successfully. A few people appear to have a skill for persuading individuals to see things their way. In case you’re thinking that its hard to learn, it’s not the apocalypse. You can, and will, figure out how to ace this craftsmanship. The following are a few elements to consider before you attempt to convince someone of something:

Evaluate How Easy the Persuasion Will Be:    You can start by discovering how troublesome it will be to prevail upon your crowd. Scientists have discovered a few factors that impact how simple it very well may be to persuade somebody regarding something. You simply need to follow the correct rules and strategies.

Gathering Membership:          On the off chance that you’re an individual from a gathering, at that point you’re factually more averse to be persuaded of subjects or thoughts that conflict with the perspectives on your individual gathering individuals. The presence of the gathering and your reliability to it will in general fortify your purpose to stay with their variant of reality, regardless of whether it’s totally incorrect.

Low Self-Esteem:         Individuals with low confidence are factually far simpler to persuade than those with higher confidence. This is no doubt since they will in general worth others’ conclusions more than they do their own. The greatest test you’ll need to look here is deciding the degree of confidence of the individual you’re attempting to convince. You can regularly do this by breaking down components, for example, body pose, certainty of tone, and promise to your crowd’s own perspective.

Hindrance of Aggression:        On the off chance that you don’t care to show animosity, at that point you’re bound to be overwhelmed by a smooth talker who is conversant in the specialty of influence. Regardless of whether they cause you to feel awkward about whatever they’re attempting to persuade you regarding, absence of hostility will make it simpler for them to influence your feelings. Individuals who aren’t inclined to demonstrating hostility as a rule don’t challenge what the other individual is stating.

Burdensome Tendencies:         Exploration shows that individuals who are discouraged are all the more effectively persuaded to acknowledge another person’s perspectives over their own. This is to a great extent because of elements like absence of animosity and confidence, as referenced previously. In any case, you may locate that a few people who experience the ill effects of sorrow may not really be convinced by you, however essentially concur with you to dodge strife.

Social Inadequacy:       The individuals who view themselves as socially lacking will in general be all the more effectively convinced. Regardless of whether they’re no more socially maladroit than others, the way that they see themselves that way drives them to put the weight of discussion on the individual they’re collaborating with. This makes it simpler for that individual to convince them without challenge.


Getting the Right Introduction

It is very hard to persuade an outsider of something. For example, sales reps detest cold pitching since they never know the kind of individual they’re managing on the opposite end. They don’t have the foggiest idea about their qualities, inclinations, or whether they have a place with a gathering that is against what/how they are selling. Similarly as critically, the individual called doesn’t have a clue, and trust, the sales rep. On the off chance that you can get a presentation from a shared companion or associate, you have a vastly improved possibility of convincing somebody to receive your perspective. On the off chance that you can’t get a presentation, it assists with setting yourself up for anything before you endeavor influence. This is the place magnificent tuning in and relational abilities enter the image.

The Value of Listening

At the point when you listen first, you accumulate the data you have to create a customized pitch that will sound good to the individual you’re attempting to convince. Shrewd political applicants don’t simply appear at your entryway and begin addressing you. Rather, they commonly pose a few inquiries about your perspectives to locate a beginning stage for their influence. Really slick procedure, isn’t that so? Notwithstanding the data you gain from tuning in, you make the feeling that you esteem the other individual and regard their convictions. Thusly, they’re bound to size up you and tune in to what you need to state.

Being Agreeable When You Don’t Agree

It’s imperative to communicate concurrence with the individual you’re attempting to convince as frequently as could reasonably be expected. This demonstrates you regard them and are receptive. Everybody needs to be thought of as clever, so on the off chance that you disprove all that somebody says, they’re probably going to excuse you. Obviously, you can’t concur with anybody on everything, nor do you need to. In the event that you did, you wouldn’t have the option to persuade your crowd to change their position. What you can do, in any case, is have a pleasant mentality that recognizes the thinking behind what they accept and the decisions they’ve made.

Nuance Is Crucial

In the event that you can say precisely what you need somebody to accept and they promptly trust it, there isn’t a very remarkable requirement for influence. All the more normally, you have to show them in unobtrusive manners why your perspective is right. There are a wide range of influence strategies to utilize, yet the best are those that aren’t outright or self-evident. Rather, they’re based on drawing correlations, narrating, and perceiving the other individual and where they stand.


To conclude, to put effective persuasive skills into practice you need to embrace fundamentals such as trust, honor, presence and confidence. Aim to naturally stimulate imaginings of fulfillment and needs and get the balance right. Develop and improve your persuasive skills by working on other areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication Skills and Mindfulness and Well-being. The best part is when we approach someone with any conversation or our own requirement to get fulfilled by them we have to remain confident with a positive gesture, with excellence knowledge on what you want make them convince on your terms. Many of us don’t get positive response because we lack of this skill, which is the important skill that is used in our Law field. If we master this persuasion skill we can justify anything without hesitation. Effective communication skills matters, by reading this article you would have got an idea on how to work on your skills. Legal profession is all based up on communication skills, if we can convince our clients or judge, then we have attain our success in this field.


[1] Sir Anthony Jay “Persuasion is a core skill for survival and success in the modern world, as it was in the ancient world, for that matter.”.


[3] Craftsmanship means expert in a particular field.

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