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Author: Rosanto Anto, Assistant Professor at Co-Operative School of Law, Thodupuzha, Kerala


“Bankruptcy represents a longstanding commitment in this country to helping people get a fresh start. This principle has never been giving only certain people a fresh start.”

-Tim Johnson

This study investigates the impact of bankruptcy laws on entrepreneurship (a focus on the insolvency and bankruptcy board of India Act 2016) and a study of women entrepreneurs in bankruptcy and the probability of bankruptcy for women entrepreneurs in India. In recent times the growth of women entrepreneurs has been amplifying. Women are deemed to be the vulnerable category the society. The volume of women entrepreneurs during this period is incredibly elevated. This phenomenal growth in women-owned businesses is due to the various laws that have removed the structural barriers women traditionally faced in owning a business. The challenges confronted by women entrepreneurs and especially in the field of bankruptcy. Their contributions to society are Immense, and, on the other side, they are facing lots of Difficulties. one of the aims is to find the women entrepreneurs in bankruptcy and the problems faced by the women entrepreneurs in the context of bankruptcy. Legal declarations enable women to enter the entrepreneurial sector more efficiently. So, when we converse about Bankruptcy law, the women entrepreneurs in bankruptcy must be examined. The study focuses on the cases of India and numerous insolvency sectors and bankruptcy law, which implemented a major corporate bankruptcy reform in 2016. The study answering Does the legislative framework in India promote women entrepreneurs, and what challenges do women entrepreneurs face?  (In the light of insolvency and bankruptcy code 2016) and Are Women Entrepreneurs Closer to Bankruptcy? Are funding issues a hindrance to their growth?.

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