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Author: Mayank Dhondiyal, Student at Law College, Dehradun, Uttaranchal University


Significant offenses of the law are committed by white-collar crimes. In contrast, white collar crimes are far more prevalent than traditional types of crimes such as robbery, vandalism, and explosion. The damage suffered as a result of white-collar crime is much larger than that caused as a result of traditional crime. The individual who perpetrated white collar crime has an impact on the majority of individuals in society or nations, either explicitly or implicitly. The Actus Reus is crucial for conducting white-collar crime. Since the mid-twentieth period, white collar crime has been on the rise in India. White collar crime can result in life imprisonment, a fine, or both in certain situations.

Keywords:- White Collar Crime, Blue Collar Crime, Actus Reus, Mens Rea.

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