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Author: Priyanka Kumari, Lawyer, 3 yr. LLB Graduate, Jindal Global Law School


The categories of Labourers, it is differentiated into varieties of sectors such as unorganized sectors, organized sectors, wage earners, domestic workers, and many more which is depending on the nature of the work, time period or duration, and the workplace.

The sector which is Unorganized or Informal in India is mainly distinguished as the units which contain the engagement of services and production of goods with the goals which is primarily for employment production and earnings to the people who are concerned regarding this. About 92 percent of the labor belongs to the unorganized sector of India.

Social Security Code, 2020 is emerging as in the order of securing the labours or workers right. This code claims that mainly it is formed for those workers who are works in the unorganized sectors of India. However, there are numerous issues regarding its implementation, confusion in the definitions under the sections of the code, numerous kinds of negligence, and some obstacles in the well functioning of the code as well. Being amid the countries that are validated from UDHR or ICCPR, the workers/labours of India who are from the unorganized sectors, their social security must be regarded since the fundamental human right and the nation should be bond to defend that type of rights.

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