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Author:  Isha Anil Ramuka, Student at Symbiosis Law School Nagpur


India is a rapidly developing nation. There are several criminal reports that are that are being recorded. Major steps have been taken by legislature of India to stop the crime but the one good reason for increasing crime would be that punishment given for the crimes would not be sufficient to make realise to the criminals what harm they have caused to society. The punishment given to these criminals should be severe. There are different kinds of punishment that can be given for crime such as imprisonment, life imprisonment, capital punishment etc. Death Penalty or Capital Punishment is the most severe punishment given to any person for causing harm to society or rather committing crime.

Studies and reliable social science techniques demonstrate that execution actually saves lives. And the reason why Americans support capital punishment is two-gold.

 Firstly, very little evidence is towards minorities being treated unfairly. And capital punishment proves to have a robust deterrent effect that saves lives. Therefore, the death sentences for heinous crime convicts should be there not only for the laws but for peace and betterment of the society and families as well as. Government cannot and should not just sit there with closed while crimes which threaten the very core of humanity.

People have to think once before committing a crime of such nature and they should have the fear. They can’t just take someone’s life like that.

Not only for the protection of society but this may in some way provide justice to the victims given the pain suffered by them at the anvil of these criminals.

The research paper explains the concept of death penalty, In India, Capital Punishment is used for both criminal and civil offences. The research paper has view on Capital Punishment in India and various methods of execution. It has detailed explanation of two types of theories –

1) Reformative Theory

2) Preventive Theory

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