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Author: Mohd. Danish Khan, Student at Law College, Dehradun, Uttaranchal University


At the ‘conceptual’ level, it is critical to have a fundamental and complete grasp of Environmental Impact Assessment. This will make the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure easier to comprehend. This will aid in the comparison of an ideal Environmental Impact Assessment to the current legal framework, as well as the suggestion of amendments to achieve a better Environmental Impact Assessment law. As a result, attempts are being made to present the Environmental Impact Assessment process in a non-technical manner.

Environmental Impact Assessment was once thought to be solely the domain of technical professionals. Others, such as economists, policymakers, and attorneys, were not playing the role that they should have been playing. One of the various components of the system, according to technical specialists working in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment, is the legal or regulatory framework. As a result, the environmental impact assessment method has not piqued the interest of others, such as lawyers. However, the focus of this research is mainly on law and legal system. The researcher attempts to view law as a “universe,” with the idea of Environmental Impact Assessment serving as simply a “sub-set” of that universe. In other words, the study’s starting point is that unless there is a robust and proactive legal system, the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure will be a sham or will be dependent on the project proponents’ high ethical or moral values.

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