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Author: Jasmeet Kaur, Student of BA.LL.B at Asian Law College, Noida

Co-Author: Khushi Jain, Student of BA.LL.B at Asian Law College, Noida


In modern era, India has witnessed an alarming rise in heinous offences including target of persons under 18 years of age, man and women in relation to digital rape. Despite the existence of rigid laws, these atrocities and dreadful offences continued unabated. This raises a question on-

  • Evolution of digital rape and how it has traumatized the youth?
  • Whether the Indian laws are effective to prevent digital rape?

The objective of this study is to throw a light on digital rape and highlight the complexities surrounding its definition. It is necessary to understand that the situation is quite different from popular beliefs, as digital rape is not linked to online resources or Cybercrime with no actual involvement of body.

Rape is a crime that destroys a person’s life and Digital Rape is a form of it, these crimes make a person vulnerable for their lifetime and give them many traumas as there is much victimization happens by society and these offences are the major concern for every individual irrespective of their gender, due to these crimes a person don’t lead their life fully by their way and inhibits both our Fundamental and Human rights. This needs to be paid attention and by analysing the specifics, this study seeks to contribute a comprehensive doctrinal study on enhancing the legal framework to combat digital rape and protect vulnerable persons.


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