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Author: Mansi Pandey, Student at Amity Law School, Lucknow

Co-Author: Axita Srivastava, Assistant Professor at Amity Law School, Lucknow


This research paper delves into the multifaceted domains of criminology, penology, and victimology, aiming to elucidate their interconnectedness and significance in understanding crime, its perpetrators, and its impact on victims. It begins by defining each field and highlighting their historical evolution. The paper then examines the theoretical frameworks and methodologies employed in each discipline, followed by an analysis of their practical applications in criminal justice systems worldwide. Furthermore, it explores contemporary challenges and emerging trends in criminology, penology, and victimology, offering insights for future research directions.

Keywords: Criminology, Penology, Victimology, Jurisprudence, Contemporary Issues, Cybercrime, Restorative Justice, Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation Programs, Victim Support Services.

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