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Author: Sarthak Sharma, Student at Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University.


The 42nd amendment is the gateway to fundamental duties. In our constitution of India the duties have been included in Part IV-A under the chapter Fundamental Duties through the forty second Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976. Presently we’ve eleven very important obligations in the form of fundamental duties in our constitution underneath article 51-A. These duties are a set of moral obligations which are directory in nature. The sole reason behind the incorporation of the fundamental duties is to make the citizens of India more responsible so that they can understand the responsibilities on their shoulders. Performing these duties is very important for the development of the nation. The paper seeks to examine the reason behind the incorporation of Fundamental duties in the constitution Of India and also understand the current nature of Fundamental Duties, whether they are still directory in nature or have become legally enforceable.

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