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Author: Vignesh Narayanan


Environmental issues have time and again been a concern in India. Environmental issues also include various types of pollution and various issues such as water pollution , air pollution , deforestation , land slides and various other environmental issues.  When we look at these environmental issues one concern which arises is how can we prevent it ? These Environmental issues with time can be a harm to the entire society. These environmental issues might lead to a major environmental issue of global warning .  Various Environmental Problem will act as catalyst for global warming. As rightly said “ Prevention  is better than cure. “  The Question which pertinently arises is what needs to be done in order to prevent  any major form of  environmental issue .  The answer to this is at a primary level Spreading awareness about the existing environmental laws. The main aspect which arises is are citizens aware about basic environmental legislation like Environmental protection Act 1986, Indian Forest Act 1927 , Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act 1974 , Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 , Forest Conservation Act 1980 and Wildlife Protection Act 1972 ?.  

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