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Author: Aviral Srivastava, 2nd year Student at UPES, Dehradun

Co-Author: Akshita Singh, 2nd year Student at UPES, Dehradun


The crime rate is rising daily in India and a shocking trend is unnoticed that it is moving even among young people. Criminal cases of all kinds from theft to murder or trafficking in sexual offenses is committed by them. Children are those who are less than 18 years. We are constantly reminded that there are problems with child violence. At night we hear about shootings in our communities and schools. Rising youth rates violence is a national problem. Anxiety is focused on punishment, but very little prevention or intervention.

The future of our nation depends on responsible citizens who have the ability to express themselves and resolve conflicts while working together for the betterment of society. Juvenile Justice Act basically the protection, treatment and rehabilitation of children who have committed crimes due to certain influential factors. They are sent to Juvenile Homes where there are many services provided as health, education or vocational training to live a healthy lifestyle.

In this Research Paper, Researchers will be dealing with Evolution of Juvenile delinquency in which they will be explaining how and why some children commit the Crime. Researchers will also deal with Constitutionality and the Latest Judgements of Juvenile delinquency which will make the paper understood in a better way.

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