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Author: Satyam Singh, Student at Amity Law School, Noida


Jurisprudence is regarded as the study of law or the science of law. Economics is a subject dealing with law and wealth. Therefore, economics and jurisprudence have a lot in common, which has led to the development of the economic school within jurisprudence. Economics as a subject is concerned with the distribution, production, and management of wealth, which fluctuate according to the needs and wants of the people, and Jurisprudence concerned with formulating laws (made by legislators) that promote economic welfare and growth, therefore in order to make laws regarding the economy, a detailed understanding of both, Jurisprudence (which deals with the law-making part) and Economics (which deals with the economic matter) is needed. It is the duty of Jurisprudence to combat the day-to-day issues that arise in the economic sphere. This research paper focuses on bringing light upon one of the biggest economic issues facing the world at large, Money Laundering. The author attempts to highlight a few of the cases that have occurred in India and how Jurisprudence can work hand in hand with economics in order to tackle this major fiasco.

Keywords: Laundering, jurisprudence, international phenomena, ulterior motives.

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