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Author: Amar Kumar Pandey, Student at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida.


India is a land born of Vedic hymns and the nectar-form Ganga is its mother. It grew up in the ashram of sages, walked with the fingers of Yogpurusha, and burned in the flames of war. A Nation that wrote the first pages of its history 10,000 years ago and followed the principles of karma yoga to achieve the pinnacle of fame and wealth is called the Golden Bird, whose luster is claimed by thieves and invaders who sit at a distance nation such as Arabs, Mahmud, Turks, Tamurians, and Mongols come on horseback and steal gold from temples, burn books, and destroy their history.

The chains sent by Victoria bounded the country until its veins groaned in pain. It’s been choking in the smoke of betrayal for the past hundreds of years, and it can’t even remember how many times its dignity has been trampled on, its self-esteem has been stripped away. But it also produced such red men who sang “Rang De Basanti” for the country to swing on the gallows, such heroines were born who strapped their babies on their backs to fight the British, and the sons of their red uniforms untied his rope lamp.

One of his sons fought countless British cannons with a pistol at Azad Park (formerly Alfred Park), and when the last bullet remained in the pistol, he knelt at his feet and sang Vande Mataram. The hand that moved there was cut off by the hero, and the valley was flooded with the blood of the sacrificers. On his forehead shines the 75th sun of freedom thanks to the tomb of the martyr on his chest.  The name of such a country is INDIA, that is BHARAT which has celebrated the AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV” at the 75th anniversary of its independence. After independence, Gandhi (India), the land of Buddha, played a leading role in maintaining world peace as the country believed in the process of democratization, humanitarianism, and peace.

The traditional value system of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means seeing the whole world as one family. Following the traditional principles or motto of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, India as a nation has always been at the forefront of world peace.

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