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Author: Md. Yasin, Student, HILSR, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi


Throughout history, patriarchy has praised and continues to exist in present days, leading people to be unaware that men can also be mistreated and harassed. The idea that men should be judged solely based on their physical strength is a common belief, example by some commonly used phrase “Hathon me Chudiya pehen lo”, “Ladki hai sala rota hai” etc. The Indian Penal code, 1860 has addressed sexual offenses against women through sections 375 to 376E. As India is a country with a youthful population emerging times, there is a growing awareness that being macho or adhering to patriarchal norms can`t provide justice for victims of these unspoken offenses.

If we see Preamble of the Indian Constitution, there is a term “Equality” it means that, No Section of society has any special privileges and all the people have given equal opportunities for everything without any discrimination. Everyone is equal before law.

Similarly, in Art 14 of the Constitution, there is a principle of “Equal Protection of law”  According to this principle, everybody who resides in India should be treated equally and will get equal protection of the law. It guarantees all people inside the territory of India should be treated equally and the state cannot deny it for equal protection of the law.

Here my question is that, is men is treated equally among women?

Keywords: Modesty, Gender Equality, Sexual, Society, Outrage, Women.


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