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Author: Ridhima Mahajan, Student at Lovely Professional University, Punjab


When a person who is of unsound mind, who cannot do anything in general or he/she is simply disqualified as per different laws. What is the fault of a person when he/she is disabled or when he/she is suffering from any kind of disease? Why a person who may be talented missing the opportunities to perform well like other normal persons? A person who is suffering from mental illness is supposed to mental all the time? And when during that period if he/she commits crime, will he/she liable for punishment?.

A person is not a criminal when he/she born, different situations as well as circumstances leads them to become criminals. A person when he/she does not get what they want, it will leads their minds to do something wrong which turns into criminality. It’s a true saying that every crime can violate the law but we cannot every violation of law as crime.

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