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Author: Mohd Aqib Aslam, Ph.d Research Scholar, Department of Law, University of Jammu


It is impossible to stress how brave it is to stand forward as a whistleblower. Speaking the truth against a boss or a coworker can result in enormous stress and anxiety, especially since the aim of preparing an inquiry – obtaining and weighing the data that enables a fair probe – is sometimes drawn out and difficult. The whistleblower will be looking for assurances that his or her identity will be preserved during this procedure. One of the investigator’s most important responsibilities is to delicately probe the whistleblower’s motivation in order to make sure that the charges can withstand scrutiny and challenge. Rarely will the information used to launch an investigation give a complete picture. This research paper goes further to describe the role of the whistleblower, which is typically necessary because whistleblowers frequently bring up concerns and suspicions that only make up a small portion of a larger, more complex picture. Organizations must accept the challenge of legislation changes in order to protect themselves and people who are using the whistleblowing procedure to stop financial crime and wrongdoing in good faith. The main objective of whistleblowers is to support and advance a society where it is possible to speak out about corruption, threats to the public, and other significant social issues without fear of retaliation, as well as to help those who speak out against illegal activity become more self-sufficient.

Keywords: New Technology, Whistleblowers, Retaliation, Investigation.

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