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Author: Sneha Srivastava, Student at Asian Law College, Noida

Co-Author: Tannu Thakur, Student at Asian Law College, Noida

In recent times, the concept of “one nation, one election” has garnered significant attention and debate among policy framers, politicians and the general public. The idea behind this proposition is to synchronize the election of Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) and state assemblies, paving the way for simultaneous polling across the entire nation. This concept intends to harmonize election of all levels in the country from the local bodies to the state assemblies and the national parliament in order to ameliorate administrative proficiency, secure schemes progression, save money and to probably increase the participation rate of given election which would assist in reshaping India’s electoral landscape. This article delves into the meaning and implications of this proposal, exploring the pros and cons, the need for such a reform, and the impact it may have on our democratic system. Additionally, the government’s viewpoint for this idea and the involvement of relevant committees addressing its feasibility shall be discussed.

Keywords- Synchronize Election, Simultaneous Polling, Entire Nation, Reshaping Electoral Landscape.

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