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Author: Sakshi Tyagi, Student at Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University


The POCSO Act, 2012 is a complete regulation to offer for the safety and well being of children from brutal offences such as sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography. It came up with extraordinary reforms within the crook justice device through providing specific courts. Going through bitter stories of the instances in current years POCSO Act 2012 has resulted to be an inclined law as crime such as sexual assaults with minors has accelerated with time and no proper movement has been determined. The new bill 2019 has presented major changes characterizing disciplines for every one of the offenses prior characterized in Act of 2012. The purpose of this article is to analyze the various provisions of the POCSO Act of 2012 and how they have affected the commission of such crimes with the children and the justice delivery system.


To deal with sexual abuse instances related to minors , the Government has introduced a specific regulation, which was the POCSO Act, 2012. The Act became functional from 14th November, 2012 . The POCSO Act, 2012 is a whole regulation to offer for safety of children from the offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography, and preserving the best interests by way of using amicable mechanisms for reporting, recording of proof, studies and quick trial of offences through specific Special Courts. [1]

The said Act defines any minor as any individual below eighteen years of age, and defines various forms of sexual abuse, which includes penetrative and non-penetrative, in addition to sexual harassment and pornography, and deems a sexual assault to be “irritated”, collectively with even as the abused minor is mentally ill or even as the abuse is committed through a person in authority vis-à-vis the child, like a member of the family, police officer, trainer, or health practitioner. People who traffick youngsters for sexual activities also are punishable underneath in the stated Act. The act provides harsh punishment with long term imprisonment and fine. [2]

Child Sex Abuse is taken into consideration because it can blatantly affect the development of the child and can cause trauma which might further cause a hindrance to his/her growth.


Briefly, the following constitutes this(by WHO)-

  • Intercourse, incest, rape, sodomy, exhibitionism and sexual exploitation
  • Inducement or coercion of minor in illegal interest.
  • The exploitative use of minor in prostitution or exclusive illegal sexual practices
  • The exploitative use of children in pornographic performances and materials.


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • damage to self-worth
  • bodily damage to minor

Child Sexual abuses were prosecuted underneath Indian Penal Code under following sections

  • P.C (1860) – Sec 375 Rape
  • P.C (1860) – Sec 354 Outraging the modesty of girls
  • P.C (1860) – Sec 377 Unnatural Offences

 There have been varied issues in  IPC which could not successfully preserve the child’s interest-

  • IPC 375 doesn’t shield male victims or each person from acts of penetration aside from “conventional” intercourse.
  • IPC 354 lacks a proper definition of “modesty”. Further, it does not focus on “modesty” of a male child.
  • In IPC 377, “unnatural offences” is not defined.

Purpose behind POCSO Act, 2012

The actual lacuna of IPC and nonattendance of any severe law for tending to and handling terrible violations along with sexual misuse and sexual maltreatment of youngsters lead to the beginning of this act. The actual explanation of Government foundations was to protect the young people from offenses of sexual assault, inappropriate behavior and porn and to handle with sufficient discipline for the individuals who carry out these violations.


The Criminal Law Amendment (CLA) Act, 2013

After President’s assent on 2 April 2013, the CLA Act amended the Section 40 two and put a new Section 42A within the POCSO Act. Section 42A offers that the sections of POCSO Act are additional to and unparallel, and in case of disparity, the provisions of the POCSO Act shall have an overriding effect to the amount of the inconsistency.


  • Section 376DA – When a lady underneath 16 years of age is raped through 1 or greater number of people, then each of them can be imprisoned for life.
  • Section 367DB. Where woman under 12 years of age is raped through one or more parents, then each (acting in furtherance of common aim) of them may be punished with complete life imprisonment or death.


A bench of 3 judges issued commands for the rapid disposal of instances beneath POCSO Act. The Hon’ble pleasant court listed the following recommendations:

  1. The High Courts shall make sure that instances registered under the POCSO Act are tried and disposed of via the Special Courts.
  2. No needless adjournments will be allowed and the trial ought to be finished in a time-bound way or within a selected time body provided under the Act.
  3. The Director General of Police or the officer of same rank shall represent a Special Task Force which shall make certain that the studies is achieved and witnesses are produced at the dates constant in advance than the trial courts.
  4. Proper steps to be taken to ensure smooth process.
  • Drafting of modules for Police, CWC, Health departments, non-governmental corporation and so forth. To assist child at trial and pre-trial levels underneath Section 39 of the POCSO Act.
  • Preparation of Guidelines with Lawyers Collective and UNICEF: Guidelines for Police,

o         Recommendation for Special Courts,

o          Recommendation for Special Prosecutors,

o          Recommendations for Child Welfare Committees (CWC), and

o          Guidelines for Health Professionals.

  • Review of IEC (Information, Education, Communication) fabric for stopping minor sexual abuse organized with the useful resource of State/UT and NGOs initiated to select out nice practices and to disseminate identical amongst one in every of a type States/UTs.
  • Initiating the advertising and marketing campaign to create interest through radio, tv or media at everyday durations amongst most of the people, youngsters, and parents to save you sexual abuse To show the appointment of Special Public Prosecutor by means of way of the State Governments. [4]
  • To show the designation of unique courts through the State Governments.
  • To collect facts and data and make the report approximately the variety, records of offences referred to under POCSO.
  • Addressed numerous instances of minor abuse and encouraged reimbursement for patients.
  • Prepare a document on the factors liable for the motive of minor sexual abuse in India.

The amount of times registered for minor abuse raised from 8,904 in the three hundred and sixty five days 2014 to 14,913 within the 12 months 2015, beneath the POSCO Act. Sexual offences and kidnapping  account for eighty one% of the crimes closer to the minor as preventive measures designed to keep off strangers (installing CCTV cameras and supplying self-protection training) can be useless, as youngsters do not recognize a manner to thrust back unwanted sexual advances from their seemed loved ones, friends or at their workplaces.[5].


The POCSO Act have gotten authorized in 2012 and is unprejudiced in terms of gender — it perceives that young men might be victims of sexual brutality too. It characterizes the minor as somebody underneath the age of 18. The Indian Penal Code does now not perceive that sexual assault can be inflicted on young boys.

The Act moreover sped up the extent of detailing sexual violations. It amplified the meaning of rape to envelop non-penetrative rape sexual assault to annoyed penetrative sexual assault (section three to ten)

Notably, this law acknowledges sexual harassment of a minor which includes touch, and additionally (sections eleven and 12), which encompass stalking, creating a minor display themselves or exposing themselves to a minor, and so forth.

The POCSO Act moreover in particular lays down stringent punishment for exposing youngsters to, or the use of them to create minor sexual abuse cloth (CSAM, furthermore known as minor pornography) under sections thirteen, 14, and 15. [6]


Sections of the POCSO Act may be delivered by the police inside the First Information Report (FIR) every time a sexual offence is dedicated in opposition to a minor. While specific criminal guidelines override the IPC, sections of every are frequently referred to inside the FIR.


It is critical to remember the fact that POCSO isn’t simply relevant in instances of bodily sexual crimes. This may encompass offences which incorporates owning CSAM, using kids for the functions of creating CSAM, or exposing children to pornography. In such times, POCSO may be used together with provisions of the Information Technology Act. [7]



The preamble genuinely states that this Act was to guard youngsters from sexual assault, sexual harassment, pornography and so forth.

  • Section 3 – Penetrative sexual assault,

When someone penetrates any object or a part of his body, to an extent, into vagina, mouth, urethra or anus of a minor or makes a minor indulge in any such activity.

  • Section 4 – Punishment for penetrative sexual assault

 The punishment for this crime is a minimum imprisonment of 7 years and can also be extended to life imprisonment.

  • Section 7 defines sexual assault,

Whoever, with sexual intention, touches the vagina, penis, anus or breast of the kid or makes the kid contact the vagina, penis, anus or breast of any individual, or does acts with sexual motives including physical contact without penetration is said to devote sexual assault.

  • Section 8 – Punishment for sexual assault

 The punishment will be that of not less than 3 years but can be increased upto 5 years.

  • Section 11 defines sexual harassment,

A person is stated to devote sexual harassment upon a minor at the same time as such someone with sexual motive-

  1. Any man or woman utters or makes any sound, or makes any gesture with the intention that such word or sound might be heard, or such gesture or object or a part of the frame might be visible by way of the usage of using the child; or
  2. Showing a minor something which also can relate to pornography or pornographic capabilities, threatens to use a real or fabricated depiction thru electronic, movie, or virtual or some different mode.
  • Section 12 provides imprisonment upto 3 years.
  • Section 9 – sexual assault and its punishment beneath section 10 is not less than five years imprisonment which may additionally be extended to 7 years. [8]

Using the child for pornographic motive

  • Section thirteen, using a minor in any media, for the purpose of sexual gratification, which includes-Representation of sexual organs of a minor.
  • Section 14 recognises particular ranges of punishment for the distinct diploma of actus rea. Generally, existence imprisonment which might also moreover make bigger to five years is supplied in Sub Section (1), if someone using a minor for pornography commits an offence beneath segment three of the Act, with the useful aid of at once participating in the pornographic act, the prescribed punishment is life imprisonment and shall additionally be accountable for super.
  • When someone stores, for commercial enterprise capabilities any pornographic material this is sexual exploitive of a minor, may be punished with imprisonment for three years or with both.

Mandatory reporting of cases

  • Section 19 (1) makes it obligatory for a man or woman, who has apprehension that an offence beneath this Act is possibly to be dedicated or has know-how that such offence has been devoted, to report it.
  • Section 20 requires obligatory reporting, while any man or woman encounters any fabric or item which gives an indication that a sexual exploitation has taken place. [9]

Special provision for recording the statement of the victim (Section 24)

  • The place where the statement has to be recorded might be of minor’s desire.
  • No minor will be detained for the night irrespective of the cause.

Special courts, their powers & method for recording of evidence

  • The State Government should set up a court of consultation to be a special courtroom docket
  • While trying an offence underneath this Act, a Special Court also can attempt an offence, with which the accused may additionally, beneath the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, be charged on the identical time.
  • A special public prosecutor has to be appointed.
  • The courtroom may additionally allow common intervals for the kid during the ordeal.
  • The courtroom shall no longer call the child time and again to testify[10].

Protection of child victim

  • Proper care to be furnished to the child while and after recording of the statement. [Section 29(5)]
  • A friendly surroundings should be provided through permitting a own family, member, a mum or dad, a pal, or a relative.

The POCSO Act 2012 seems to properly navigate through the issues of child abuse. The significant factor has been the appointment of an individual for the kid who might assist throughout research, pretrial, trial and publish trial. The essential project moreover might be convergence among unique entities under exceptional law.

The justice delivery system has indeed been improvised over time but there is a scope for its better implementation and that has to be taken into consideration. A minor needs to be completely prepared to live a normal life as this is his/her right and brought up within the spirit of ideals. A child needs to be brought up in a harmonious environment where he can grow to be a better individual. The judiciary performs vital functions in upholding the rights. Incidents like these tend to traumatize a child but prevention is  better than cure and that is why it should be made sure that the rights and the modesty of the child is protected and preserved so that he/she can grow up to be an asset to the nation.

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