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Author: Adhiraj Singh, Student at Institute of Law, Nirma University.


The “Covid-19” an infiltrating machine and an injurious/harmful/damaging life taker as well as infringement causer significantly affected the legal structure of the country and burdened the courts with numerous Public interest litigations, writs and other forms of complaints.

Since the only legal branches of support that provide an opportunity to sue and provide due regard to the rights of unprivileged class of people who are seriously impacted by the immutable wave of this pandemic include the following-

  • NHRC -National Human Rights Commission (role is to primarily safeguard the rights and interest of the people / citizens of the states with a system of complaints relating to violation of Human rights).
  • Legal Aid Clinics ( Include group of competent advocates with a minimum required practise and provide an atmosphere where the disputes are resolved – on mutual basis, Mediation, arbitration and other forms with a special emphasize on cost reduction and time bound disposal which is a key need during the contemporary state of affairs).
  • AND ETC.

The county’s legal standing had been on a continuous change with introduction of various amendments on the recommendations of numerous committees that were responsible to analyse the ground conditions of the people who are being tremendously being affected by it.

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