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Author: Yash Sharma, Student at Law College, Dehradun, Uttaranchal University


In the 21st century, When humans are struggling to collect resources and preserve it for their future generations, controlling crime has become a major challenge for the authorities as the dynamics of it has changed in some aspects. Criminality doesn’t cease to exist instead we get to see variations of crimes and criminals. But the Law of the land is always subtle in the actions as well as futuristic so as the criminal is given a chance to reform and in certain rare conditions, be set as an example for other criminals to behold the criminality. One thing the law never forgets, A human is a human and therefore he shouldn’t get what he doesn’t deserve. Hence, Comes the courts who analyze the matters and decides it according to the gravity of the matter. One such tool available with the judicial authorities for restitution of criminals is Prison.

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