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Author: Aayush Tamboli, Student at School of Law, Forensics Justices Policies Studies, National Forensics Sciences University, Gandhinagar


This study examines the idea of power abuse and procedural ultra-vires in the context of India. It tries to examine the prevalence, ramifications, and legal facets of abuse of power and procedural ultra vires, giving light to their effect on governance, accountability, and transparency. In order to shed light on the difficulties encountered in preventing and resolving such abuses, the paper analyses the constitutional clauses, case laws, and historical experiences that have shaped this topic. While reform initiatives and proposals suggest ways to strengthen institutional systems and safeguard against procedural ultra vires and power abuse, comparative study with international practices provides insightful perspectives. This article provides a thorough analysis of the Indian experience with procedural ultra vires and power abuse, highlighting the significance of procedural fairness and power abuse must be reduced for a fair and accountable society.


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