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Author: Sibi J Koola, Student at School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore


One of the key factors influencing the adoption of internet banking is and has always been security concerns. As a result, it is really important for online banks to not only bring out effective security measures which are necessary, but to make sure that future consumers  and customers believe that their services are safe. By comparing the substance of bank security policies around the world, this study underlines the importance of consumer perceptions of security. For the purpose of electronic transactions, clients use mobile devices in connection with mobile communication systems (E-transactions).The constant rise of Internet speed, facilities, personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Internet-enabled phones, and banking application design is the primary reason for the expansion of electronic banking (E-Banking). This resulted in the creation of a new subset of E-banking and M-banking. So it was focused mostly on the banking components of E-Banking and M-Banking. We looked at the overall structure of Indian banks and found that there are two forms of digital banking: E-banking and M-banking. The security policy is depicted as a tool that banks might employ to manage the views of their customers. The analysis also brings out some markable differences among the contemplated security concerns with respect to different places. If banks identify their wanted customers and e-commerce, then they can be more efficient and it also helps to control their valuable user’s perceptions of security.

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