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Author:  Arshi Chaudhary, National Law University Jodhpur, B.A. L.L.B (5 year Integrated), Batch- 2021-26 (II Year Student).


The world is no stranger when it comes to taking drugs for fun or to cure sadness. Indian people also follow the same approach. Sadly while other countries are benefitting from selling drugs in India, the Indian population, particularly the youth are in serious peril. Drug addiction is increasing day by day, eating up the nation’s human resources. The desire for short term euphoria is slowly turning into a fatal habit. New laws restricting drug usage and the proper implementation of existing anti-drug laws is needed. Suicides and deaths due to drug overdose are increasing day by day. A developing country like India, which already suffers from multiple problems like poverty, hunger and illness-related deaths on the rise, the nation cannot afford to lose its people to highly addictive drugs.

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