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Author: Banumathi, Student at SASTRA Deemed to Be University, Tanjore


“The Notion that it violates religious freedom lacks sense and logic. enforcing a common civil law will promote equivalency and justice for all genders across different communities,” Hameed Chendamangalloor. India requires a Livery civil law which organises all the particular laws of all persuasions and ease the process of giving justice. UCC is formerly being in Composition 44 under the directive principles of state policy in the constitution of India. During the first constituent assembly after independence, the addition of UCC sparked significant discussion.

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, while drafting the document for Constitution, stated that enforcing UCC will be good and desirable but it can not  enforced without nation’s  blessing and it should be freely accepted and prepare it’s nation to borrow and  apply it. UCC will promote public integration and concinnity among the citizens despite the demarcation and religious grounded contradictions and it’ll produce a common identity for all citizens of India. India is well known for it’s artistic supremacy but enforcing UCC would not intermediate the religious freedom of any existent as it would legislated only against the marriage and divorce and relinquishment and heritage laws of all the particular laws and abolish all the rough practices which are against women and society and insure gender equivalency and abolish all gender specific particular laws which deliver injustice to the contrary gender. India’s legal system is facing difficulties with dealing issues related so enforcing UCC would insure ease of delivering justice and quicken the process of giving justice. It would simplify the legal frame by consolidating colorful particular laws into a single law. UCC is a sign of ultramodern and progressive which would indicate that it has move far down from the religious and estate grounded politics.

Keywords: UCC- Livery Civil law Muslim marriage act – an act governed for Muslim marriages, Sec 118 of Hindu race act – Birthright to religious or charitable uses, Triadic Talaq – triadic talaq is a form of divorce that was practices in Islam whereby a Muslim man could fairly disjoin his by pronouncing talaq for three times.

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