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Author: Taneesha Ahuja

Co-Author: Pearl Agarwal


The conceptualization behind the callous classification of people into various segments is deeply institutionalized in our society. This illiberal climate of the society causes an extremely discriminatory atmosphere as it creates a divide governed by the warped denotations of ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ constructed by the society. Disabled people make up a considerable part of our population and yet there prevails blatant disregard and violations of their fundamental rights that deprive them of living freely and equally in the country. The deep-dooted mindset of the society consciously or subconsciously reduces them to be looked as ‘helpless souls and receivers of charity ‘which harks back to an archaic understanding of the society to be unable to “accommodate” the disabled people and label them as “abnormal”. This kind of treatment is what leads to the existence of reverse discrimination also known as positive discrimination which is a tool used by the government to try to eradicate the issue of discrimination and to reasonably accommodate the disabled.

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