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Author: Prishima K, II B.A; LL. B(Hons.), Student at Sastra Deemed University, Thanjavur


The dissolution of Islamic marriages, notably through the intricate process of Khula, intertwines religious tradition, legal complexities, and contemporary societal challenges. This in-depth article meticulously explores the multifaceted dimensions of Khula, shedding light on its historical underpinnings, its intricate place within Islamic law, and its pertinence in our diverse and ever-changing world. The article explores the history and evolution of Khula in Islamic jurisprudence, comparing it to Talaq and highlighting the legal procedures in Khula cases.

The article meticulously dissects the contemporary challenges confronting individuals, particularly women, endeavouring to obtain Khula in modern society. It accentuates the disparities and obstacles faced by women within diverse cultural contexts, providing insight into societal attitudes towards Khula and women who have undergone divorce. The article showcases successful Khula proceedings through case studies, highlighting the resilience and determination of individuals in this complex legal process. The article examines the cultural and societal influences on Khula, highlighting its impact on families and children, emphasizing the need for comprehensive approaches and providing insights for legal reforms through comparisons with other systems. Emphasizing education and awareness, the article advocates for initiatives promoting understanding and empathy. By dispelling misconceptions and fostering awareness of women’s rights in Islamic marriages, these efforts contribute to a more equitable and supportive environment for individuals dealing with Khula complexities.

In conclusion, this article synthesises a wealth of knowledge, rigorous research, and real-world experiences, offering a nuanced and comprehensive exploration of the dissolution of Islamic marriages, specifically focusing on Khula. It deepens our comprehension of this intricate legal process and champions the values of empathy, support, and education as fundamental pillars, ensuring a just and compassionate approach to marital dissolution within the framework of Islamic law.

Keywords: Khula, Dissolution, Empathy, Support, Islamic Marriages.

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