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Author: Hegreev Kumar, Student at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Department of Law, Dehradun


In court, evidence is essential because it establishes facts and provides support for arguments. Any information or material that can be used in court to support or refute a claim is generally referred to as evidence. It can assume many different forms, each with a distinct function in the legal system. Legal circumstances give a special position to scientific evidence. The scientific process, which entails methodical observation, experimentation, and analysis, is where it originates. Replicability, objectivity, and an empirical basis define this kind of evidence. The basis for comprehending complex occurrences can be rationalised and imperialized with the help of scientific data. In legal procedures, the admissibility of scientific evidence is a crucial factor to take into account. Courts are required to evaluate whether the techniques employed to get the evidence are trustworthy and acknowledged by the scientific community.

Only reliable and solid scientific evidence is brought before the court thanks to this scrutiny. In criminal investigations, forensic evidence is essential. It is crucial that forensic evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints, and ballistics, be trusted. For example, DNA evidence has a unique genetic code that makes it extremely dependable. To preserve its integrity, though, appropriate management, analysis, and collecting is essential. Since ridge patterns are unique and persistent, fingerprint evidence is frequently admitted in court. However, human error and the possibility of misidentification highlight the significance of strict processes in the collection and analysis of such evidence. When it comes to guns and projectiles, ballistics evidence necessitates close inspection in order to establish a connection between a weapon and an offence. The precision of forensic examiners’ methods and their level of experience determine how reliable ballistics evidence is.

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