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Author: Medhansh Mishra, Student at Manipal University, Jaipur


Fundamental rights are of utmost importance. If an individual is deprived of his fundamental rights its almost similar to a person who is living with his brain and heart dead. Amongst the fundamental rights Right to life and personal liberty mentioned is one such right which holds a significant importance of its own. It has interpreted the term “life” in a much broader way, much emphasis has been laid on the point that “life” does not mean mere similar existence to that of animals but to enjoy one’s life peaceably and respectfully.  In this paper a detailed analysis of  the article has been done which is fundamental in the existence of the human life, multiple aspects of this six lettered sentence have been touched upon, author has read between the lines of this article, by this paper author aims at simplifying the complexity of this has been dealt in the paper that how this article has evolved through these years by the judicial pronouncements and interpretations of the judiciary, while discussing the landmark judgements author has aimed to bring some focus on the mental reasoning involved in the decision making. Multiple facets of right to life have been discussed with legal aspects.

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